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Its all in the presentation

November 23rd, 2008 by Classic Charms in Uncategorized; No Comments »; Share

So you have checked everyone off your list, (are you sure you are done already?) got your little trinket for you loved one, now what type of box can you put it inside to have maximum smiles?  Well if you are like most guys, you ask for the free gift wrap that most jewelers offer at this time of year – and it comes in whatever cotton (or velour box) your favorite jewelers offer.  But what about a little something extra special?  We have unique jewelry boxes that are hand painted, lined with 22K Gold, Swarovski crystals and come in all shapes and sizes.  Imagine her surprise when she opens her box under the tree, to find a goregous little trinket box and inside she gets another surprise – just that perfect charm to remind her of you!




Gold Price

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