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Halloween Contest Winners!

October 31st, 2013 by Classic Charms in Monthly Contests; No Comments »; Share

Halloween is that time of year that we get to pretend to be someone else. It could be something scary, or something that we dream we could be or just something funny we thought about.  Some of us had mom’s that were so creative that they hand made our costume. Some of us had mother’s that just bought our costumes in stores – complete with that plastic mask (which is ok). Which mom are you? I know from my own experience, my Mom was the creative type – you know that Mom that if Pinterest was around in her day, she would of been a Pinterest God! Our costumes were hand made every year and my son’s were as well.

Well here at Classic Charms, we wanted to reward you for your scrary, most creative and most unique costumes.  So we ran a contest, ask our customers to email us a photo of their favorite costume, in hopes of being chosen as 1. Scariest 2. Unique 3. Creative.  Our judges had a job on their hands, sifting through the many entries we received.  We are happy to announce our three winners (one in each category) are receiving the Chamilia 2013 Limited Edition Glowing Pumpkin Bead as our gift ! Halloween is a fun time of year and we are happy to award these fine costumes their Free Bead! Scariest Costume goes to:

Winner #1

Living Mummy, N’Kantu submitted by J. Escue, Memphis, TN

Most Unique goes to: Winner #2Doormat, submitted by T.Goff, New Providence, PA and our

Most Unique goes to Winner #3J. Porter, Yardley, PA. Congratulations ladies! Enjoy your bead!

Get your Inspiration from Tell a Fairy Tale Day!

February 24th, 2012 by Lauren in Holidays, Jewelry for a cause, Monthly Contests; No Comments »; Share

tell a fairy tale with charmsCharm bracelets can tell truly charming stories about your life, your interests, and your dreams. That’s why we’re so excited for Sunday! Sunday February 26th is Tell a Fairy Tale Day. What can you do to make this magical holiday even more special? Tell a Fairy Tale Day is a great opportunity to sit down and read to your kids. But if the kids aren’t around… there’s nothing wrong with reading some fairy tales on your own! Everybody loves a good story with a happy ending. (The Knight in Shining Armor doesn’t hurt, either!)

And that’s the thing… Tell a Fairy Tale Day is important because it reminds us that even the most upsetting situations can always come to a happy ending. There’s nothing better than a good story that ends with the words, “…and they lived happily ever after.” On Tell a Fairy Tale Day, take a look at the charm bracelet that tells your personal story. There may have been some bumps along the road, but all of the charms on your bracelet represent something that makes you truly unique!

Is there a woman in your life that inspires you to tell a story? While you’re thinking about happy endings on Tell a Fairy Tale Day, keep our Inspirational Women contest in mind! Tell us a story about an inspiring woman, and you could win up to $150 worth of charms from Classic Charms.

Start telling those stories, charmers! Every woman has her own unique fairy tale to tell—and charm bracelets can help paint a truly “happily ever after” picture.

International Women’s Day Charm Contest!

inspiring women classic charmsHere at Classic Charms, we love hearing about the stories that inspire your life. After all, the perfect charm bracelet is the perfect way to show the world where you’ve been and what makes you who you are. That’s why we’re going to celebrate International Women’s Day in style. International Women’s Day is March 8th, and it’s a day to celebrate and honor the great strides that women have made over the past century. As women, we’ve really come quite a long way! In the past 100 years, we’ve gotten the right to vote, and more and more of us are becoming powerful players in the business world—all while maintaining the home front. In celebration of the wonder that is “woman,” we invite you to share the story of a woman that truly inspires you.

Classic Charms International Women’s Day Story Contest

Tell us a story about a woman who is inspiring—this can be you or someone else. Women can do amazing things, and we want to hear about it! We believe that charms can tell any story, so use charms from our site (give us the item numbers, please!) to enhance your storytelling. If we think your story is the most inspiring, you’ll win a charm bracelet and the charms that you used to tell your story—up to a $150 value! The charms must be from our sterling silver charms collection.

We’ll announce the winner of the Classic Charms International Women’s Day story contest will be announced on March 8th.

Send your stories to We’ll be waiting for your charming inspiration!

Charming Traditions: Our Winning Holiday Tradition Story

December 9th, 2011 by Lauren in Holidays, Monthly Contests; 2 Comments »; Share

Last month we asked all of our Facebook friends and fans to share their holiday tradition stories with us. We got an overwhelming amount of great responses! It’s so nice to hear how people celebrate the holidays with their family. We spend so much time working on making sure we have the perfect 14K gold and silver charms for you, and it’s nice to see how you put them to use. After all, charm bracelets are a great way to keep those holiday memories alive all year long.

As promised, here’s our winning holiday tradition story. It comes to us from Joan Sapienza. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Joan! Congratulations on winning the gorgeous family bead. And we’d like to thank everyone else that shared their holiday traditions with Classic Charms. With so many great entries, it really was tough to choose a winner.

Start your own unique holiday traditions, too!

Start your own unique holiday traditions, too!

Joan’s Holiday Tradition

My favorite holiday tradition began 15 or 16 years ago. My large family (4 brothers, 5 sisters, both parents alive at the time, many nieces and nephews) always gets together Christmas Eve. It is the only holiday where we all manage (barring illness or call of duty for our military/police/fire dept members) to get together.  It is a very busy, hectic time with lots of food and many presents for all.

My sister was busy in the days before with buying, wrapping and sorting all kinds of gifts. She was also telling her young son (he was about 3 at the time) the Christmas story of Jesus.  He, in his innocence, asked “If it is Jesus’ birthday why doesn’t he get any gifts?”  She was taken aback, but then asked what he would like to give Jesus. He had a small starfish that he had gotten earlier that year while they were on vacation. They wrapped the starfish up and then a family debate began as to how to get the present to Jesus. The idea was presented to send it to him via a balloon.

So, Christmas Eve after Mass, we all gathered outside with the starfish tied to a balloon and gave each child present another balloon and we sang “Happy Birthday” to Jesus as loud as we could and then released the balloons. Every year since then we have continued the singing and balloon send off. The young boy who first thought of the idea is now a college freshman. We started out needing only about a dozen balloons, but are up to almost 3 dozen now! Even the neighbors join in our tribute. It is a wonderful tradition and one I hope continues for all time!

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share this tradition with you.

Family Values: What Matters Most to You?

November 10th, 2011 by Lauren in Monthly Contests; No Comments »; Share

There is no better time to remember what is so important about family than the month of November. Thanksgiving brings the family together for one big happy meal – soon you’ll all be together again for Christmas. In the meantime there are so many family traditions in between the two holidays. Here’s a few of our favorite traditions:beads and bracelets

Prepping for Thanksgiving Dinner – More than the meal, it’s getting the meal ready that’s the most fun for some families. From setting the table to basting the turkey, there’s something for everyone – it brings the whole family together!
Black Friday sales – will the whole family be waiting outside the store at 4 a.m. sharing hot cocoa?
Christmas shopping as a family! It’s so much fun because you get to sneak around the mall, buying gifts for each other -all while trying to hide from each other!
Opening up presents! There are so many Christmas joys on the morning of the 25th – one is getting to unwrap your presents and the second is seeing people unwrap the beautiful charms and beads you’ve given them!

We’d like to know your favorite Holiday Traditions – both traditional and unconventional! Email us at mail us at with your favorite Holiday Traditions by November 30th for a chance to win a Family Bead (valued at $40).

Contest winner announced!

December 6th, 2009 by Classic Charms in Monthly Contests; No Comments »; Share

Our lucky winner of the Flip UltraHD Video Camera has been chosen.  Congrats to C. Hoffman, of Irvine, CA who is our lucky recipient of the camera.  C Hoffman, actually placed TWO orders with us, and increased her chances of the win! Tune in — we are running this contest again — one more drawing – January 1, 2010.  So place your orders online between December 1 -25, 2009 and be entered to win another Flip UltraHD Camera!!

Happy Anniversary!

November 7th, 2009 by Classic Charms in Monthly Contests; No Comments »; Share

Whether you have celebrated your first, tenth or fiftieth anniversary, you know the day is about celebrating the time spent together.  Its when your typical your guy will buy you some special token to celebrate your day, perhaps take you out to dinner and show his appreciation for the years you have spent together.  We at Classic Charms, would like to take this opportunity to celebrate you, our loyal customers with a chance to win a fabulous prize! We have been bringing you the latest and greatest charms out there for 9 years now, and look forward to continuing to bring you the level of service you have come to expect from us.  Whether this is your first purchase from us, or you have been with us throughout the last nine years, we want to say thank you!  So here’s the deal – all you have to do is make a purchase at our site from November 9-30th, 2009 and your name is automatically entered in a drawing to win a brand new Flip Ultra HD Digital Video Camera. Winner will be announced December 1st, 2009 and notified by email.  Just our way of celebrating our anniversary, saying thanks to you, our loyal charmers and putting a little something extra in your Christmas Stocking this year!

Dreams do come true!

March 27th, 2009 by Classic Charms in Monthly Contests; 1 Comment »; Share

Every day we hear from our loyal customers about what their charm purchases mean to them and why they purchased them.  This email came from a customer, detailing what her purchases meant to her.

I just had to let you know that I received the last several charms I ordered, among them the flute, trumpet, engraved “You’ve got Mail“, laptop, the painting and plumbing tools.  Every one of them are SO detailed, and so exquisite in their representations (and the remembrances they will represent).  Also several of the charms I bought will go on either a bracelet or on the small, lobster claw clasped drawstring to put charms on a cell phone.

The ones for the cell phone, which will be a gift from me will include the flute (representing me), the trumpet (representing a significant other), the laptop and engraved “You’ve Got Mail” charm.  I recently got back in touch with my “first kiss boyfriend” and we started our communications via email.  If ever someone tells you that dreams do not come true, you can tell them that you know of someone whose dreams have come true!  I lost my husband of 32 years a little over three years ago, and never thought I would be blessed with those feelings again.  To have another life begin at the age of 56 is another dream come true, and it is well-represented by the Rembrandt charms you have provided me.

I do not usually leave “comments” about purchases, but I had to let you know how pleased I am by all the charms I have purchased from Classic Charms – the painter’s set, the plumber’s set, the peanut and squirrel, etc. Those charms will be on a charm bracelet I received from my parents when I turned 16, and I will be giving it and the new charms to my daughter on her 30th birthday. Thank you for such beautiful pieces!

Monthly Contest!

November 1st, 2007 by Classic Charms in Monthly Contests; 15 Comments »; Share

Wearing a charm bracelet is like wearing your life story on your wrist. We want to know your story!! Tell us about your charms and what they mean to you and you could win a gift certificate good for your next charm purchase! Post a comment about what special meaning your charms have to you. We, personally read each entry each month and award one lucky customer a gift certificate (value of $50) good towards their next charm purchase! No limit to number of entries per customer!

Contest details:

1. All entries become the property of Classic Charms LLC and are posted on our blog monthly.
2. All winners will be notified via email and posted on our blog by the 5th of the following month with their winning entry.
3. All winners must reside in the United States.




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