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Initials are so Charming!

June 4th, 2009 by Classic Charms in Just for Fun; No Comments »; Share

Jewelry with personal significance is more important than ever these days. As a result, initial pendants are making a strong comeback. I know, this seems to happen every seven years or so. The difference this time? There is an amazing creativity in the styles available. Designers have created new initial designs with a distinctive signature style. Many of these pendants are so attractive, you’d be happy to wear them even if they aren’t your initial!

The other initial innovation today is the way women are wearing these pendants, layering their own initial with initials of their husbands, kids, friends, and even words of personal significance. Initials are also hung on the same chain with gemstones and symbols, making them even more personal.

Diamonds, Beads, Charms, oh my!

April 18th, 2009 by Classic Charms in Just for Fun; No Comments »; Share

No matter what your style is – we have it for you.  I recently read an article that the style of jewelry you wear tells about your personality.  Do you prefer some diamonds to sparkle on your wrist?  We have thousands of diamond pave charms, with lobster claw clasps that can be worn on a necklace, charm bracelet and even the beaded bracelets such as pandora or chamilia charm bracelets.  Do you prefer the traditional gold or silver charm bracelet, loaded with unique charms that tells your story?  We have thousands and thousands of charms in gold and silver to match your style.  If you like the newest style of charm bracelets, such as the beaded charm bracelets, whether its a pandora bracelet, chamilia bracelet or zoppini bracelet, ALL of our charms will fit on there for you.  I bet you thought once you started a beaded bracelet, you could only add beaded charms to it? Show your true personality with diamonds, dangling charms AND beads!

Barbie turns 50!

March 5th, 2009 by Classic Charms in Just for Fun; 1 Comment »; Share

Somethings are just timeless – Barbie is one of them. March 9th is Barbie’s 50th birthday, with over 800 million “Barbie Dolls” sold.  Do you remember as a child, your Barbie collection?  If you were the typical little girl, (like me) you had a barbie family, closets of clothes, barbie car, barbie pool and anything you could get your hands on.  Why was Barbie so popular then (and now?) In a word – fashion.  Barbie was always the most fashionable gal in town.  No matter, if she was dressed in her swimsuit – she came complete with earrings, shoes, and even necklaces or if she was dressed for the evening – she was decked out in evening wear, complete with a bracelet, earrings and even a necklace.  Barbie was always the fashion icon and somethings just dont go out of style.  We certainly all cannot be “Barbie” but with the right accessories – we can sure try.  Create a charm bracelet with all Barbie’s favorite assessories – shoe charms, purse charms, sunglass charms, and even a drivers liscence charm!

A Charm by any other name…

October 5th, 2008 by Classic Charms in Just for Fun; No Comments »; Share

Some call it a charm, a pendant, necklace, whatever you call yours – it all comes down to one thing we all have in common: emotion.  Charms are a way of showing your emotion, whether it be about a special memory, a place you have traveled, a great love, friendship or just a hobby that you love – the idea behind charms and charm bracelets is show our feelings of something or someone.

The words “to charm” actually means “to attract” which is exactly what a wearer of a charm bracelet does. Charm bracelets are conversation starters as well as a way to preserve memories and make them last a lifetime and then some. Talk to a woman who has a charm bracelet and you will find there is a story behind each and every charm on her bracelet. Charm bracelets are a way to preserve precious moments in our lives.

What a wonderful gift to give someone – a lifetime full of memories.  We have many customers who start their child on a charm bracelet when they are born, then when they turn 15 or 16 – you know that great age when girls love showing off their jewelry and can appreciate it, you have a lifetime of memories, love, laughter and special moments wrapped around her wrist.

Time for a facelift!

September 24th, 2008 by Classic Charms in Just for Fun; No Comments »; Share

Any woman will tell you every now and then you have to nip here, tuck there, and what women go through to be beautiful for you guys is truly amazing.  Well the internet is no different.  For some of you know, we have been in the Charm business for a good long time and although we have done the traditional upgrades to the site over the years to bring you the best in charm jewelry, we just had a face lift to the site!  Not to worry – you just have found the best source online to buy your charms in silver and gold, but now we have made it easier than ever.  You can shop by occasions (did you remember that anniversary gift?), or shop by category (root for your favorite sports team) and even find all the accessories you need for your charm (do you need a charm holder to hold all those lovely charms?).  You can even now chat live with none other than the Charm Lady herself.  Log on and see whats new at Classic Charms.

Who let the charms out?

August 7th, 2008 by Classic Charms in Birthstones, Just for Fun; No Comments »; Share

Hearts Charm BraceletWas it the designers for Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier, Dior, who for the last couple of years, have been pinning, hanging or sewing charms onto anything and everything?  Was it celebrities that brought the fashion of charms back? Actor Matthew Broderick gave his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker a charm bracelet to commemorate the birth of their son.  Was it today’s political, social and economic uncertainties that aroused in us a desire to return to a simpler, more secure time? The fact is most charm jewelry is personal, autobiographical, and often sentimental – a sort of scrapbook of our lives that links us to family members, old friends, and happy memories.  Or was it because charms really do possess magical powers as it was once thought to.

You probably remember your Grandmother or Mother wearing a charm bracelet, whenever she walked, her charms jingled, then as time passed you didn’t find any charms or charm bracelets on women.  What happened to them? Before you know it, everywhere you look, you see a someone wearing a charm bracelet and what happens? You have to look, you have to ask and you realize I must have one of those.  Think about all the important people and places in your life.  Charm bracelets are like wearing your life story – a photo album on your wrist.

Its become tradition in many families to start the charm bracelet tradition when a child is born.  We have many customers, who tell us they are starting a bracelet for their grand daughter who was just born and they buy a charm (something significant that happened that year) and add to it each year, so by the time the child is a young teen, they have a lovely piece of jewelry, bringing back all the child hood memories of people, places and things that left an impression on them. What a perfect gift to give – a lifetime of memories.

Fun things to do with Charms!

November 12th, 2007 by Classic Charms in Just for Fun; No Comments »; Share

1. Make a charm bracelet for each of your sons – add a charm for each year of their life – then give the bracelet to their wife when they marry.

2. Buy a box of candy, eat the candy, go on a diet, and fill the box with one charm for each 5 pounds you loose!

3. Wrap silver fortune charms in parchment and bake into a cake for a bridal shower. Each guest gets an unexpected gift with their slice of cake!

4. Have your favorite charm soldered onto your watch band!

5. Engrave a charm for your new puppy’s collar.

6. Make a locket with your child’s picture in it for your babysitter or housekeeper.

7. If you are a bride – give each attendant a charm bracelet with a charm to commemorate your special day.

8. Ask the tooth fairy to give your daughter one charm for each lost tooth.

9. Sew a charm onto your ponytail holder.

10. Add charms to either your hoop earrings or your belly button ring to make a custom piece of jewelry – no one will have one like it!




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