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To Plate or Not to Plate??

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Recently I had a customer come into our store looking for a sterling silver charm bracelet to add all the years of memories she had collected. A charm for each memory, each place she traveled, her children, grand children and all the moments in between.  I, of course showed her our huge inventory of bracelets. She asked me a question I had never (in all my years in this wonderful business) been asked before.  She asked: “Why are they all so shiney and bright looking? Don’t silver bracelets have an old fashioned, tarnished look to them anymore?” I chuckled a bit and explained to her that vendors have learned alot over the years about manufacturing silver charms and bracelets.  Years ago, vendors just made silver charm in the standard .925  metals. Now vendors have realized women do not want to spend all their time cleaning and polishing their charms and bracelets anymore.  So now most all vendors put a Rhodium Plating on top of .925 silver, so it will never tarnish and always have that “shiney and new” look to it, even 10 years down the road.  She was concerned that her charms would look “old” while her bracelet would look new and it would not belong together.  One simple phone call we made to our favorite vendor, Rembrandt Charms and we learned that upon special request they will NOT Rhodium Plate a silver item upon request.  So the lesson here is – no matter what you are looking for, whether its the old fashioned silver charm bracelet or a charm or two to add to your bracelet, we have them all, and we go that extra step to make sure you get exactly the charm or bracelet of your dreams!

Time for a facelift!

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Any woman will tell you every now and then you have to nip here, tuck there, and what women go through to be beautiful for you guys is truly amazing.  Well the internet is no different.  For some of you know, we have been in the Charm business for a good long time and although we have done the traditional upgrades to the site over the years to bring you the best in charm jewelry, we just had a face lift to the site!  Not to worry – you just have found the best source online to buy your charms in silver and gold, but now we have made it easier than ever.  You can shop by occasions (did you remember that anniversary gift?), or shop by category (root for your favorite sports team) and even find all the accessories you need for your charm (do you need a charm holder to hold all those lovely charms?).  You can even now chat live with none other than the Charm Lady herself.  Log on and see whats new at Classic Charms.

Remember that date!

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There are so many days to remember – your wife’s birthday, your anniversary, graduation and you are wondering what the perfect charm is for your special occasion? We have calendar charms that are custom made for your special date.  Rembrandt Calendar charms are available with a heart that you can engrave that special sentiment on the back, and it captures the exact calendar of the day, month and year of your choice!  Our Heart Calendar charms can be worn on a necklace as a reminder of that special day, or we have round calendar charms that look great on her charm bracelet, so each time she looks at her charm from Classic Charms, she will know you cared enough to capture the date in gold.  Nothing says I love you better than a charm to remind your loved one of your special times together.

What’s in your heart?

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The most treasured of all charms on a charm bracelet usually invokes love or passion, and the  most popular symbol to convey affection is, of course, the heart charm.  No other motif more eloquently expresses the most special of human emotion. Signifying passion, unity, devotion, and of course love, the heart shape as we recognize it today can be traced back to Egyptians, who would bury their dead with tiny reproductions of the human heart to act as decoys to evil spirits who conspired to seize the souls of the departed. Today many charm bracelets begin with the heart charm, as the Tiffany Style Bracelet, which debuted in 1889. Why? Because a tiny heart charm remains the simpliest and purest way to say “I Love You“.

Locket Charms!

September 10th, 2008 by Classic Charms in New Products; No Comments »; Share

Lockets are best known for being an heirloom type of jewelry that can be passed down from generation to generation.  Lockets come in all shapes and sizes – hearts, oval, round, square, gold or silver and hold up to six photographs.  You may remember you Grandma wearing a locket.  You love the idea, but you say, I don’t wear necklaces – I want one for my charm bracelet!   We listened to you and now we have lockets that are made for charm bracelets with lobster claw clasps on them to attach to your bracelet easily.  Choose from heart shaped locket charms, oval locket charms and even charm bracelets with locket attached to store your special photographs.

Charms that sparkle!

September 6th, 2008 by Classic Charms in New Products; 1 Comment »; Share

Are you looking for a little sparkle to add to your charm bracelet? We have the charms for you! Our Diamond Pave Charms are direct from the diamond district in New York and come in all shapes and sizes, everything from a dice charm, for that gambler, to a christmas tree charm for the holidays and everything in between.  Our diamond pave charms are available in yellow gold or white gold and come with a lobster claw clasp to add to your charm bracelet easily. We have animals, holidays, baby and kids, sports and even travel charms with diamonds set to add sparkle to your bracelet.  Our diamond pave charms come with the lobster claw clasp, however they are also great for a necklace, simply by removing the clasp and replacing with a traditional bail.  Most diamond pave charms have a lovely filigree design on the back and are not 3-dimensional because the charm has to have a flat surface to set all those sparkly diamonds into!

September birthstone – Sapphire

September 2nd, 2008 by Classic Charms in Birthstones; No Comments »; Share

Sapphire is the modern birthstone for the month of September. Sapphire is a variety of corundum, and comes in all colors of the rainbow except red (the red variety is known to most as Ruby). Typically sapphires are blue, and range in all shades of blue from pale blue to deep indigo blue, and is due to the presence of small amounts of titanium and iron within the crystal structure.

Sapphire symbolizes truth, sincerity, and the ability to make dreams come true.  They are also thought to bring their wearers comfort, and consistency in marriage. Sapphires were once believed to be protection against snakes.  Its was said that if a poisonous snake or spider were put in a jar with a sapphire, the insects and reptile would immediately die.  The french of the 13th century believed that sapphires transformed stupidity to wisdom and irritability to good temper. The powers of sapphires are thought to include inner peace, healing properties for rheumatism, colic and mental illness.

The biggest source of sapphires world wide is Australia, especially New South Wales and Queensland.  Australian Sapphires typically are blue stones with a dark and inky appearance.  Sapphires are commonly heated to improve their color and reduce cloudiness that is caused by rutile inclusions.

Many women collect Birthstone Baby shoe charms to represent their child or grandchild on their charm bracelet.  Charm jewelry is a very personal way to represent the loved one born in Septemeber.




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