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Make it your own!

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Its always exciting to find new products for us when we attend the annual jewelry show in Las Vegas.  This year was no different.  We came, we saw and we bought!  The latest addition to our site, is a line of beaded charms and bracelets made especially for you, our customers.  The newest addition called Reflections by SimStars is a fabulous line of beaded charms and bracelets created with solid sterling silver, CZ stones, Murano Glass, and even dangling charms to make it a true charm bracelet complete with jingle!  This new line is available for kids (boys and girls) as well as adults.  Necklaces, anklets, bracelets, earrings — you can mix and match to suit your own personal style! Each piece of jewelry is crafted with the highest quality with attention to detail.  The best part?  The adult size is compatible with all beaded charm bracelets, such as the pandora line, chamilia line, or any beaded charm bracelet.  These make great gifts for mom and daughter, build matching bracelets!  With over 900 styles of beads to choose from, you are sure to find just your style of beads!

June Birthstone – Pearl or Rhodalite?

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Pearl is the genuine birthstone for the month of June, although many items use the alternate stone, which is Rhodalite (light redish-purplish color stone).  Before fertility drugs, there were pearls.  Placed under a bride’s pillow they were believed to boost her chance of becoming pregnant, which helps explain the tradition of giving this gem of the shallow seas as a wedding gift.  Pearl is a symbol of purity, perfection and good taste since ancient times, pears – in a range of non-traditional colors and huge sizes have been making a resurgence in recent years.  Freshwater pearls are suggested for the 1st, 3rd, 12th and 30th anniversaries. Today many bride’s wear pearl earrings, pearl charm bracelets and even pearl pendants.  Most birthstone charms do not use pearl because of the softness of the gem.  You will find most birthstone charms use the alternate stone.

Initials are so Charming!

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Jewelry with personal significance is more important than ever these days. As a result, initial pendants are making a strong comeback. I know, this seems to happen every seven years or so. The difference this time? There is an amazing creativity in the styles available. Designers have created new initial designs with a distinctive signature style. Many of these pendants are so attractive, you’d be happy to wear them even if they aren’t your initial!

The other initial innovation today is the way women are wearing these pendants, layering their own initial with initials of their husbands, kids, friends, and even words of personal significance. Initials are also hung on the same chain with gemstones and symbols, making them even more personal.




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