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Halloween…is it really almost here?

August 31st, 2010 by Classic Charms in Holidays; 1 Comment »; Share

HALLOWEENBRACELETThe great thing about beads and charms is, every bead tells your unique story.  Now introducing theme bracelets, so you can celebrate every holiday with a bead bracelet!  I know its hard to believe that Halloween is just around the corner. But whats a better excuse to start theme bracelets than Halloween?  We have black, orange murano glass beads, pumpkins beads, ghosts and lots of colorful cz beads to decorate your wrist.  Mix and match traditional halloween theme charms with your beaded bracelet for a unique look all your own.  We carry Biagi, Zable and Simstar beads and bracelets so you can mix and match to suit your individual style.  We love these beaded bracelets because its so very easy to mix and match and change them out when the mood strikes you.  Whats your story?

Carlo Biagi Charms

August 12th, 2010 by Classic Charms in New Products; No Comments »; Share

Carlo-full-cirlce-braceletSo you have your bead charm bracelet full of beautiful beads, and memories and you think there is no room for anymore? We, at classic charms, are always looking for new quality products and we are proud to announce the addition of the Carlo Biagi Silver Charms to our collection.  Whether you have a traditional charm bracelet or you like the beaded bracelets, these biagi charms are for you, because you can wear them on both, mix and match to suit your style.  All Biagi charms come with that same level of quality you expect on their beads, and now with lobster claws attached to each charm.  Use the charm carriers to wear them on a necklace or even our charm bead carriers to add them to your beaded bracelet.




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