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Every Bead Tells a Story

October 6th, 2010 by Classic Charms in New Products; 3 Comments »; Share

pandora-biagi-troll-charm-bracelets-beadsPart of the charm of charms and charm bracelets has always been it allows you to tell the story of your life on your wrist with a charm bracelet, show off all that jingle, and each charm always has a story behind it.  If you look at any woman’s charm bracelet, there are thousands of memories attached to each charm, from hobbies, to children (or grandchildren) to travel, love, sports, you name it, there is a charm to commemorate the occasion.  Beaded charm bracelets have been growing in popularity with the very same idea.  A new fashion trend, possibly, but the idea behind “every bead tells a story” is the same as the traditional charm bracelets.  We are proud to introduce our newest site, Classic Beads, where every bead is as unique as you are and we carry thousands of beads to celebrate all the moments in your life you want to capture on a bead, such as travel, sports, love and even crystal beads to show off your favorite color or birthstone.  Visit the site today to enjoy free shipping until October 31st with any bead order!




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