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Charms and Other Happy Ideas to Finish off Your October

October 28th, 2011 by Lauren in Just for Fun; No Comments »; Share

Every little lady dreams of a happy ending, whether it’s that grand, fantasy ending with her Prince Charming or the simple pleasure of a happy end to a long day. Sometimes it’s the sweet joy of adding the final charms to a charm bracelet! This October make your own happy endings a reality, and once upon a time happen today!

star charms

  • Plan a special dinner date with your Prince Charming, giving you something fun to look forward to for the end of the month!
  • Pick the perfect charm to complete your charm bracelet! Best of all? You?ll be able to start a new one now!
  • Go star gazing and try to spy a shooting star! If you can’t find one, make a wish one your star charm for a sweet ending to your night.

Another happy ending for all is to take advantage of our big deal starting today. From Oct 28 to October 31 when you use the code DONATE during checkout you?ll be getting free shipping on both of our sites, that’s both and And to make it an even sweeter ending, when you use the code, we’ll be donating the shipping to the Susan G Komen Foundation.

Stunning Mother’s Charms to Give Thanks to all the Mothers

October 20th, 2011 by Lauren in Holidays; No Comments »; Share

There’s a special woman in every person’s life. One who does so much for you, goes above and beyond and is always thinking of you. Whether it’s your dear own Mother who always calls to remind you to pick up milk, your kind Mother in law who had regular lunches with you, or your sweet Grandmother who still hand crafts you presents for birthdays and holidays, all Mothers are important and worth recognizing on more than Mother’s Day. Why there’s also Grandparent’s Day the first Sunday after Labor Day, and Mother’s in Law day which is coming up the fourth Sunday of October, this Sunday in fact!mother charms

So how do you thank these Super Mom’s for all of their amazing help over the years?

  • Make all Moms feel special by treating her right to a special night out, invite her and all the ladies of the family out for a special dinner. Each lady can give Mom a special charm for a bracelet from all of you!
  • Surprise Mom with a stunning Mom charm necklace to wear everyday so she always remembers how much you love her!

Whatever you do, just remember to tell Mom, “THANK YOU!” It’s the one thing she will always love to hear!

Stop, Breathe and Embrace Life with Ohm Beads

October 14th, 2011 by Lauren in Jewelry for a cause; No Comments »; Share

Ohm is the sound of life, formed by Brahma, name of the spiritual Sun for the Hindus, a symbol of reality as a whole. Ohm is life, and to embrace it is a great way to bring balance and happiness to your life. When you craft a bracelet with an Ohm bead you find so much goodness in all the culture, traditions and personality! ohm beads

Here’s a few ways to embrace the Ohm:

  • Find your inner Ohm by taking a meditation class.
  • Create a bracelet with an Ohm bead. Any Ohm bead can do, but one that fits your fun personality works best to promote wellness!
  • Give a friend who is struggling this month, their own Ohm bead bracelet.
  • Go gun hoe for life, by getting out and exercising. Our suggestion? Going out and participate in a marathon or run/walk for Breast Cancer Awareness this month!

One of the best things we hope to encourage as part of Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the Ohm way of embracing life. While we encourage awareness and prevention, don’t forget to live life as well. Also, be sure to keep an eye for our next Breast Cancer Awareness Month promotion to start next week!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October 7th, 2011 by Lauren in Jewelry for a cause; No Comments »; Share

It’s October which means that it’s Breast Cancer awareness month! There are few causes out there as important to us as Breast Cancer Awareness, which is why you’ll be seeing lots of great deals for our pink awareness beads and bracelets in the upcoming weeks!awareness beads

The Big Charm Deal Now Running
All this week and running until October 10th if you spend $50 or more on an order, you?ll receive our Pink Awareness Ribbon Dangle Bead when you use the code: FREEBEAD at checkout. Great for your order or to give as a gift! Keep an eye out this month for our additional deals, as well as checking out our other special pink beads.

Remember you can always do your part in various ways by taking care of yourself.

  • Here are three things you can do for your health:
  • Remember to get a regular check up at the doctor’s office.
  • Performing a self exam every month.
  • Know your family’s cancer history, families with one diagnosis puts the rest of the family at a higher risk of being diagnosed as well.

Catching cancer at the start is the best way to begin treating it. Spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness and get pinked out this October!




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