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Heart and Soul

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8_Cluster_BeadsTo phrase the famous Billy Joel lyrics of “She’s got Soul”, he speaks that the woman has soul, the woman has heart, the woman has strength and devotion – well Chamilia has designed a collection true to these lyrics. If you have not seen the “Heart and Soul” collection, you must check it out at Classic Beads or Classic Charms. When this collection was first introduced in the first quarter of 2014, there was Her Gift of Love and Her Gift of Hope Charms. Each charm comes with a card that talks about the true meaning behind the charm.  Her Gift of Love charm features a heart dangling next to the LOVE tag.  The Her gift of Hope features a dove dangling next to the HOPE tag.  Next we saw in Season 2 Her Gifts of Friends and Her gift of Joy.  On the Gift of Friends, this charm features a fluer de lis charm dangling next to the FRIENDS tag. On the Her gift of Joy Charm, we find a daisy charm, showing that gardening is a true joy to be experienced.  In Season 3 of 2014, we continue this collection with Her Gift of Strength and Her Gift of Care. Each item is exquisite in detail and really highlights all the Gifts that she gives to the world. Chamilia continues to take center stage with additions to this collection, featuring You are my Sunshine Charm, Mind Body & Soul Charm,  Lucky Soul Charm and Faith , Shalom Charms and Live and Grow Charm. Each charm contains specific meaning and detail. Each charm in this collection speaks about a specific Gift that women give, which charm is your favorite and why?

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May Birthstone Emerald

May Birthstone Emerald

Birthstones are always a great gift! In ancient times, they were thought to protect the wearer of the stone and were linked to the zodiac. In modern times, birthstones are linked to calendar months and each has its own fabled properties.  May’s birthstone is the stunning Emerald stone, deep green in color and is linked to health and curing of whatever ails you!  Some say its is associated with seeing into the future.  It is very witchy!  If you are lucky enough to be be born in the month of May, there are many gorgeous choices to decorate your charm bracelet or necklace with May’s Stone!  If you prefer a pandora style bead bracelet, choose from Ohm, Novobeads, Biagi or Chamilia and many others to decorate your wrist or even wear them on your Chamilia Earrings!




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