Fun things to do with Charms!

November 12th, 2007 by Classic Charms in Just for Fun; Share

1. Make a charm bracelet for each of your sons – add a charm for each year of their life – then give the bracelet to their wife when they marry.

2. Buy a box of candy, eat the candy, go on a diet, and fill the box with one charm for each 5 pounds you loose!

3. Wrap silver fortune charms in parchment and bake into a cake for a bridal shower. Each guest gets an unexpected gift with their slice of cake!

4. Have your favorite charm soldered onto your watch band!

5. Engrave a charm for your new puppy’s collar.

6. Make a locket with your child’s picture in it for your babysitter or housekeeper.

7. If you are a bride – give each attendant a charm bracelet with a charm to commemorate your special day.

8. Ask the tooth fairy to give your daughter one charm for each lost tooth.

9. Sew a charm onto your ponytail holder.

10. Add charms to either your hoop earrings or your belly button ring to make a custom piece of jewelry – no one will have one like it!

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