What’s in your heart?

September 12th, 2008 by Classic Charms in New Products; Share

The most treasured of all charms on a charm bracelet usually invokes love or passion, and the  most popular symbol to convey affection is, of course, the heart charm.  No other motif more eloquently expresses the most special of human emotion. Signifying passion, unity, devotion, and of course love, the heart shape as we recognize it today can be traced back to Egyptians, who would bury their dead with tiny reproductions of the human heart to act as decoys to evil spirits who conspired to seize the souls of the departed. Today many charm bracelets begin with the heart charm, as the Tiffany Style Bracelet, which debuted in 1889. Why? Because a tiny heart charm remains the simpliest and purest way to say “I Love You“.

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