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Have you ever wondered what color a birthstone is or what the meaning is?  Just like astrology matching your birthdate to personality traits, birth stones are associated with certain traits as well.

January — Birthstone is Garnet, a deep redish brown color – Symbolizes faith, loyalty, and truth and is thought to help deflect evil thoughts and improve intelligence.

February – Birthstone is Amethyst, a purple stone – Is known to encourage sincerity, piety, and even celibacy.  The ancients believed amethyst to be a strong antidote to drunkenness.

March – Birthstone is Aquamarine – a light blue stone – Is said to attract love and encourage new friendships.  For married couples, the aquamarine is said to help promote a long, happy union.

April – Birthstone is Diamond (alternate is White Zircon) – The diamond is the hardest of all gemstones.  Diamonds symbolize invulnerability and incorruptibility, and are associates with love, marriage, joy, excellence and purity.

May – Birthstone is Emerald – a deep green stone – Symbolizes spring, fertility, and eternal youth, as well as honesty and tranquility.

June – Birthstone is Pearl (alternate is Rhodalite) – Symbolizes innocence and purity.  Pearls also are associated with romance, love, and marriage, and are traditionally given on the 12th or 20th wedding anniversaries.  They are said to bring health and good luck.

July – Birthstone is Ruby – a deep red stone – is synonymous with power and passion.  Rubies are thought to thwart evil, dispel sadness and discord, and protect their wearers from deceitful friendships.

August – Peridot – a light green stone -  is a symbol of good luck, success, and happiness and is believed to promote friendships and marriage.  Because peridots seem to glow in the evening light, the ancients believed they protected their owners from danger at night.

September – Sapphire – a deep blue stone – Symbolizes truth, sincerity, and the ability to make dreams come true.  They are also thought to bring their wearers comfort, and consistency in marriage.

October – Opal (alternate Pink Tourlemine) – Represents innocence and purity.  For children, opals are believed to bring good fortune.

November – Topaz (or Citrine – a light yellow color) Topaz is associated with the sun.  Thought to change color if the food offered the wearer is poisoned, topazes were also used to cure asthma, reverse insomnia, and improve eyesight.

December – Blue Topaz, Turquoise (alternate is Tanzanite) Turquoise symbolizes prosperity, courage, and success.   When given as a gift, turquoise is considered to be a  promise of friendship.

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