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October 1st, 2008 by Classic Charms in Jewelry for a cause; Share

One of the most universal signs we recognize today is the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon.  I bet you can’t find a single soul out there who doesn’t have a friend, Mother, Sister, daughter or relative who this awful disease has touched.  Did you know every 13 minutes one woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and caught early enough, it can be beat!  We, at Classic Charms are big supporters of the cause.  We choose to celebrate the survivors who have rose above this awful disease.  Our Breast Cancer Survivor Charm bracelet shows the stages a woman goes through when fighting to win against Breast Cancer. Charms include: a female symbol – because it affects all women, a lighting bolt – because it hits you like a bolt of lightning, a teardrop charm – because at first you cry, a heart charm – because you find the courage and strength from inside your heart,  a pink ribbon charm – because it makes you aware, and then a star charm, because then you shine.  We choose to donate to the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA for the proceeds of the sale of our survivor bracelets.  We also carry the pink Ribbon Charm, by Rembrandt Charms, and Rembrandt will donate 10% to the Susan G Komen Foundation to aid in the finding of a cure!  Together, we can find the cure.

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