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January 14th, 2008 by Classic Charms in Jewelry for a cause; Share

Whenever you talk to a retail jeweler about what really makes their business tick, the answer is invariably the same: passion. It’s the passion for the profession that sets the independent jeweler apart from their retail competitors. Such passion is carried through for clients and the community, above and beyond profit motive. This month, Modern Jeweler Magazine spoke to independent jewelers about cause-related jewelry they sell. When Modern Jeweler Magazine asked retailers about selling jewelry that benefited a charities, we learned many cause-related jewelry items were exclusive to their stores.

This month, Modern Jeweler Magazine featured our exclusive Breast Cancer Survivor Charm Bracelet as one of the top picks for jewelry for a cause! Pick up a copy of Modern Jeweler Magazine (Jan 08 issue) and read about jewelry for a cause. Turn to page 68 to view our bracelet!

Our exclusive Charm bracelet is offered in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold. Each bracelet has 6 charms attached that hold special meaning.

1. Female Symbol – because it affects women.

2. Lighting Bolt – because it hits you like a bolt of lightening.

3. Teardop – because at first you cry.

4. Heart – because you find the courage and strength from inside your heart.

5. Pink Ribbon – because it makes you aware.

6. Star burst – because then you shine!

Proceeds from the sale of the bracelet go to Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA.

Breast Cancer Survivor Charm Bracelet
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