Ghosts, Witches, Pumpkins – they are all charming…

October 18th, 2008 by Classic Charms in Holidays; Share

Halloween is one the few holidays that we never outgrow.  You probably remember when you were a young child, you would decide what you “want to be”.  Your parents would either take you costume shopping, or if you were like me, you had one of those insanely creative mothers who always made our costumes and they were the best in the neighborhood.  We never had store bought costumes.  She would always ask us months ahead of time what we wanted to be, (there were three of us she made costumes for each year) and then she got busy creating a masterpiece only outdone from year to year. Then one day when you became “too old” to dress up and go trick or treating, you would get stuck at home handing out candy to all the lucky kiddos in the neighborhood.  Now as an adult, many still get to “dress up” because its the one day of year, that you can be whatever you want to be. Its the one day where there are no boundaries – if you can dream it – you can become it – if for only one day.  Were you one of those kids who wanted to be the neighborhood ghost or the evil witch or did you dress up as a pumpkin?  Did your trick or treat bag weigh you down by the end of the night? In celebration of this spooktacular holiday we have charms for all the ghosts, witches and even a trick or treat bag to bring back all those fond memories of halloween days gone by.  Decorate your halloween charm bracelet with all your childhood memories.

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