Charm Bracelet Reinvented!

October 22nd, 2009 by Classic Charms in New Products; Share

Rembrandt CharmdropsSo you have spent years putting together your charm bracelet.  It represents all the major high points in your life, your hobbies, your children (or grandchildren), your marriage, your travels and you just love the jingle sound it makes on your wrist.  But now fashion, as it is, always comes out with something new, much like technology, the latest and greatest does not stay that way long.  If you are up on fashion, the latest in jewelry are the beaded bracelets.  Beaded bracelets are much the same idea as the traditional charm bracelet, but now instead of charms dangling, you have beads you can easily slip on and off your bracelet.  Even Murano Glass Beads that you can quickly change the color and style of your bracelet,  unlike the traditional charm bracelet – once you add them, they are there to stay.  We are happy to report you now can combine the best of both worlds! With these charmdrops, exclusive by Rembrandt Charms, you can add any of your charms to your beaded bracelet and still have that wonderful jingle and the reminder of that special memory.  We love this new item because it makes the charm bracelet even more versatile than just collecting memories.  Now you collect your memories and Rembrandt makes it so easy to add and change with your mood!  Available in all metals and even with crystal stones to add that flash of color!!

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