White Gold or Silver?

November 5th, 2009 by Classic Charms in Just for Fun; Share

So you have a beautiful 14K White Gold Charm Bracelet, that you have been collecting charms for places you travel, your grandchildren, your hobbies, and those memories near and dear to your heart.  You are ready to add another memory to your bracelet when you realize what used to cost $100-$150 for a nice white gold charm now costs double and sometimes triple that.  Whats a girl to do? Because of the rising cost of gold (now at $1090/ounce) our customers love our Rembrandt Sterling Silver Charms, because for 1/4 of the cost (sometimes even less) of a white gold item, it looks the same!  Our Rembrandt Charms rhodium plate all their silver charms and bracelets, so they will never tarnish!  They will look as beautiful and shiny, as the day you added it to your bracelet.  No one will know, except you and me (I promise I won’t tell a soul).  Rembrandt produces their entire collection (over 3,000 beautifully hand crafted pieces) in Sterling Silver, Gold-Plate, 10K Gold, or 14K Gold (white and yellow).  No matter what the occasion, we have a charm for that?  An avid starbucks gal? We got ya covered!  Love to root for our home team, UT, we have that too! You are a soccer mom? We have lots to choose from. Don’t let the high cost of gold, scare you away from adding to your beautiful charm bracelet – check out our inventory of thousands of charms in stock now!

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