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June 12th, 2008 by Classic Charms in New Products; Share

As many of you are familiar with the design of “The Kids” charms. Rona originally created them with four personalities in mind: Hugs, Love, Kiss, & Joy. All kids have their own unique personalities, and so do “The Kids”! These kids were 14K Gold Joy Girloriginally created in only 14K Gold with various positions for their arms and legs. If you don’t already have a Rona K Kids charms, be sure to check out the many options for them. Rona has added new kids to the original collection.The original collection was created in “layers”, meaning that the body of the child was one layer of gold, and then you would add a dress or shirt, then a hat or a bow, so the kid would look dimensional. 14K Gold Kiss Boy CharmThis is a fully customized kid Charm, so that you can choose what color hat (or bow), Dress (or Shirt, Body Color and Body Style you want – with diamonds, without. Rona added many options over the years, to really make this a custom charm, from diamonds, to birthstones, to pets and hearts. Contact a Classic Charms Associate to assist you to build your custom made Rona K Kid charm – you will be the envy of all the other Mom’s in the neighborhood!

Rona’s new collection of kids is one layer and uses a unique laser finish on the kids to show the dimension of clothing.Rona K Joy Boy Charm These charms are elegantly crafted charms that are modern and timeless. The four styles (hugs, kisses, love, & joy) allow you to express your child’s personality on your charm bracelet!
All of these kids are now available in Sterling Silver, Gold-Plate, 14K Yellow Gold or 14K White Gold, so this great collection fits any budget from $30 – over $300. Rona also added personalities to these kids, including graduation kids, kids with pets, kids in bathing suits, and various types of clothing.

Rona K Cuddles Girl CharmIn addition to the new Kids Collection, the long awaited “The Cuddles” Kids have arrived. Choose from Cuddles Girls or Cuddles Boys Charms. You will see the same detail, the same quality and the same unique personalities in the “The Cuddles” Kids as you grew to adore with her original collection. The new line of charms is available in Sterling Silver, Gold-Plate, 14K Yellow Gold or 14K White Gold, to suit any budget from $30 – $200.

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