Stop, Breathe and Embrace Life with Ohm Beads

October 14th, 2011 by Lauren in Jewelry for a cause; Share

Ohm is the sound of life, formed by Brahma, name of the spiritual Sun for the Hindus, a symbol of reality as a whole. Ohm is life, and to embrace it is a great way to bring balance and happiness to your life. When you craft a bracelet with an Ohm bead you find so much goodness in all the culture, traditions and personality! ohm beads

Here’s a few ways to embrace the Ohm:

  • Find your inner Ohm by taking a meditation class.
  • Create a bracelet with an Ohm bead. Any Ohm bead can do, but one that fits your fun personality works best to promote wellness!
  • Give a friend who is struggling this month, their own Ohm bead bracelet.
  • Go gun hoe for life, by getting out and exercising. Our suggestion? Going out and participate in a marathon or run/walk for Breast Cancer Awareness this month!

One of the best things we hope to encourage as part of Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the Ohm way of embracing life. While we encourage awareness and prevention, don’t forget to live life as well. Also, be sure to keep an eye for our next Breast Cancer Awareness Month promotion to start next week!

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