A Sneak Peak into the Factory

July 26th, 2008 by Classic Charms in New Products; Share

RQCworkroom.jpgHave you ever wondered what goes into making of our Rembrandt charms? You may ask, why is a Rembrandt Charm more expensive than another charm you may find online? Its easy to tell you – The quality you will find in an original Rembrandt Charm or charm bracelet will be a quality that is unmatched to any other piece of charm jewelry. Hold a Rembrandt Charm in your hands and experience the feel and craftsmanship. There is so much detail on each charm. You will always find the RQC quality stamp on each and every Rembrandt Original charm, along with the metal markings (14K, 10K or 925) It takes 40 artisans to create each miniature work of art.

RQChands4.jpgRembrandt employs over 100 employees in their factory in New York. Rembrandt is a fully integrated jewelry manufacturer with a complete tool and die facility with in house designing and model making on site. Here’s how it works when Rembrandt creates a new charm: It all starts with a model created by hand in the model area by skilled artisans. They are miniature works of art created out of metal, wood or other modeling materials, using items such as photo’s and sketches as a guide. The original sculpture is then used to make a rubber or metal master mold of the charm. This master mold is used to male quantities of “waxes”. The waxes are then soldered to a base which forms a wax tree. RQChands21.jpgThis wax tree is then inserted into a cylindrical flask called an investment flask. The cylindrical flask is filled with a very fine smooth plaster. This fills in all the spaces left around the waxes. The flask is then baked at a very high temperature, which causes the wax to vaporize. RQChands3.jpgThis is how “lost wax casting” got its name! The spaces that are left when the wax melts create numerous replicas of the original master mold. These spaces re then filled with melted pellets of gold or silver and allowed to harden. When the plaster is washed away, the raw charm castings are exposed. These castings then undergo hours of hand finishing and polishing, to create the finely detailed charms that make up the Rembrandt Charm Collection.

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