Disney Princess Aurora

April 15th, 2014 by Classic Charms in Beads, Just for Fun, New Products; Share
Chamilia Disney Aurora Princess charm

Chamilia Disney Aurora Princess charm

Classic Beads presents Chamilia’s Disney Princess Collection Beads!  Every little girl loves the Disney princesses.  Let her show the world just how much!

On April 7, 2014, Princess Aurora will ship from our castle to yours.  Your princess will receive her bead either in a Chamlia Gift Box (recommended) or a Classic Beads pouch.  This Chamlia Enamel Aurora Sleeping Beauty Disney Princess Bead has Swarovski crystals in her hair and reads “Let your Heart Dream” on the back.

Aurora can join Cinderella and Snow White on your little princess’s Chamilia Silver Snap Bracelet.

Cinderella is a Chamilia Enamel bead and has Swarovski crystals in her hair and says “Believe in your Dreams” on the back.  Of course Cinderella needs her Pumpkin Coach to take her to the ball.  Please don’t forget her slipper!!!

Snow White is also a Chamilia Enamel bead and has Swarovski crystals in her hair.   The back says” Fairest in the Land”.   I am sure that Snow would not turn down a ride in Cinderella’s Silver Coach Bead to escort her to her Prince.

Classic Beads will be featuring a new princess each month.  Jasmine will join us in May, Ariel in June, and Belle in July.  Help her be the belle of the ball and collect them all.

Classic Beads also carries the Chamilia Disney beads line.  If you are a lover of all things Disney, these pieces you just cannot do without!

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