Summer Memories

August 3rd, 2008 by Classic Charms in New Products; Share

bikini charmAugust is here – summer time is almost over – time to get the kids ready to go back to school. Back to school charmKids hate it, Mom’s love it.  What did you do this summer? Did you pack up your kids and head to the beach? Is your summer time filled with swimming lessons, cheer leading try outs and camp outs? No matter what your summer time means to you, we have the charm for you.  This is a perfect time to start your daughter on her first charm bracelet, fill it with all her child hood memories and leave room for more memories! We  can make those fond child hood memories last a lifetime with a Gold Charm Bracelet or Silver Charm bracelet. Is she into soccer, volleyball or other sports? We have ballet charms, cheerleading charms and even charms for her favorite food!

pizza sliceRecently a customer came into our store with a charm bracelet for her Grand daughter (who is only 10 years old) and was filled to the brim with charms from trips her Grandma had taken her on and things that were important to her. Grandma was trying to find room for more charms, as she was getting ready to take her Grand daughter on yet, another adventure abroad. We suggested she must have the Rembrandt Passport Charm, as she had taken so many trips abroad. This was a bracelet filled with miniutre works of art, stuffed full of wonderful memories and indeed a treasure chest for her to cherish and remember all those trips and what a lucky little girl she was.

Charms are conversation starters – they tell our life story on our wrist.  They tell the story of the people and places that has left their thumb print on our hearts.  Talk to any woman who has a charm bracelet and she will be happy to share the stories with you. Do you have a charm bracelet? What do your charms mean to you?

Every summer me and my four girlfriends go to the beach for a week, we drink margarita’s, lay out in our lounge chairs, and play in the sand.  Each summer we go to a different beach and always get four charms Drink Charm(for each of us) to add to our bracelets to remember the trip.

We always made home made ice cream on the 4th of July in our neighborhood, so of course that’s why my husice cream cone charmband bought me an ice cream cone!

My fiance bought me a penguin charm, because after we saw March of the Penguins – he said I was his soul mate!

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