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August 30th, 2008 by Classic Charms in New Products; Share

Isn’t it wonderful to open a scrapbook and look at photographs of people and places that hold special memories for you?  Wearing a charm bracelet is just like wearing all your favorite memories on your wrist, and each time you look at your charms, it brings back memories of special people, places and times.  Now with Rembrandt Photo Art Charms, you can wear your photographs on your charm bracelet.  This wearable Photo Art Charm is literally, “a scrapbook on your wrist,” that keeps memories and loved ones close to you at all times. Rembrandt’s exclusive process returns your photo unharmed to you and captures the photo in a charm, available in all shapes and sizes.  Choose from Hearts, Oval, Rectangle and even paw print (for your special kitty) or a doghouse for your loved doggie.   You can email us your photo for your photo art charm or send it to us and we will return the photo unharmed with a beautiful piece of Photo Art Jewelry to capture your memories and preserve for a lifetime.  All Rembrandt charms come with a lifetime warranty and can be engraved on the back for additional personalization.

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