Beads & Charms in one Beautiful Bracelet!

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WRAPBRACELETBEADSOk, so its been a long while since we blogged here, at Classic Charms and Classic Beads.  We have been so busy building our bead brand, as well as updating our charm website, but the best news of all is this — it used to be you either had a traditional charm bracelet or you had a pandora-style bead bracelet, but you had to make a choice (what an awful thing to have to choose between two beautiful charm bracelets), but now with our new clip on charms, you can slide them right onto your bead bracelet or clip them onto your Charm bracelet.  Charm bracelets have been around for centuries as a way to tell the story of your life, share your memories and even remember those important moments in your life.  Now with the bead bracelet as strong as it, Every Bead tells a story too! We have partnered with the best bead manufacturers in the business to bring you both thousands of beads, but also charms that can be worn on either type of bracelet.  Stay tuned as we will feature one of our newest finds in the bead and charm industry each week for you bracelets! We have thousands of new bracelet styles, bead styles and new features to tell you about!

Every Bead Tells a Story

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pandora-biagi-troll-charm-bracelets-beadsPart of the charm of charms and charm bracelets has always been it allows you to tell the story of your life on your wrist with a charm bracelet, show off all that jingle, and each charm always has a story behind it.  If you look at any woman’s charm bracelet, there are thousands of memories attached to each charm, from hobbies, to children (or grandchildren) to travel, love, sports, you name it, there is a charm to commemorate the occasion.  Beaded charm bracelets have been growing in popularity with the very same idea.  A new fashion trend, possibly, but the idea behind “every bead tells a story” is the same as the traditional charm bracelets.  We are proud to introduce our newest site, Classic Beads, where every bead is as unique as you are and we carry thousands of beads to celebrate all the moments in your life you want to capture on a bead, such as travel, sports, love and even crystal beads to show off your favorite color or birthstone.  Visit the site today to enjoy free shipping until October 31st with any bead order!

Halloween…is it really almost here?

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HALLOWEENBRACELETThe great thing about beads and charms is, every bead tells your unique story.  Now introducing theme bracelets, so you can celebrate every holiday with a bead bracelet!  I know its hard to believe that Halloween is just around the corner. But whats a better excuse to start theme bracelets than Halloween?  We have black, orange murano glass beads, pumpkins beads, ghosts and lots of colorful cz beads to decorate your wrist.  Mix and match traditional halloween theme charms with your beaded bracelet for a unique look all your own.  We carry Biagi, Zable and Simstar beads and bracelets so you can mix and match to suit your individual style.  We love these beaded bracelets because its so very easy to mix and match and change them out when the mood strikes you.  Whats your story?

Carlo Biagi Charms

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Carlo-full-cirlce-braceletSo you have your bead charm bracelet full of beautiful beads, and memories and you think there is no room for anymore? We, at classic charms, are always looking for new quality products and we are proud to announce the addition of the Carlo Biagi Silver Charms to our collection.  Whether you have a traditional charm bracelet or you like the beaded bracelets, these biagi charms are for you, because you can wear them on both, mix and match to suit your style.  All Biagi charms come with that same level of quality you expect on their beads, and now with lobster claws attached to each charm.  Use the charm carriers to wear them on a necklace or even our charm bead carriers to add them to your beaded bracelet.

Don’t forget Grandma!

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C2184Whether she goes by Nana, Grandma, or Grandmother, she is the one person in your life, you could always go to for that extra hug, extra plate of cookies and milk and the one person who would think the world of you.  Although Mother’s Day , which is May 9th this year, is really about remembering your Mom, don’t forget your Grandma on this day, for she’s been there for you too!  Our charms will melt any Grandma’s heart when you present her with the special gift, direct from your heart to hers.  What Grannie would not love her precious grandchild to give her a Gold or Silver #1 Grandma Heart charm, to show how much she means to them.

April is Autism Awareness Month

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AUTISMIn order to highlight the growing need for concern and awareness about autism, April is recognized as Autism Awareness Month, as a special opportunity for everyone to educate the public about autism and issues within the autism community. The Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is the most recognized symbol of the autism community in the world. Autism prevalence is now one in every 110 children in America – that’s 13 million families and growing who live with autism today. Show your support for people with autism by wearing the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon this month on your charm bracelet, necklace or even beaded bracelet.

Fun & Fashion at any age!

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kidz-posterIf you have a little girl, you already know she wants to emulate the fashion that Mommy wears – if you are into the latest craze of beaded charm bracelets – whether you wear a biagi, zable or simstars bracelet, she wants to have one too.  Now she can! Carlo Biagi has introduced a new line of beads and bracelets, especially for little girls.  Choose from a silver starter bracelet or a Colorful Rubber Bracelet and start adding bead charms! Starter bracelets are meant for the younger girls since they come in 5.5″, 6″ or 6.5″ lengths, whereas our colorful rubber bracelets are 8″ in length with a stopper, so she can adjust it as she grows. Hundreds of choices of enamel beads, glass beads, silver beads. Biagi KIDZ beads are fully interchangeable with the simstars Kids Bracelets & Beads.

Spring means Color!

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Kera_cat_imgIts been a busy few months for us over here at Classic Charms. We have been busy adding more charms and beads to the site for you.  Just in time for spring, we have added the entire Kera Life Treasured Bead Collection.  We just love this new collection of Murano Glass Beads, Crystal Beads, Dangle Beads and with so much color just reminds us Spring is just about here.  Our bead bracelets are so interchangeable, you change your beads, based on your mood, your wardrobe or even the weather!! The Kera Bead collection is fully compatible with our other beaded charm bracelets, such as Zable Bracelets or our popular Reflections by SimStars.

Charming Help

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While most of us are starting to think of shopping for Valentine’s Day for our sweetheart, we at Classic Charms want to help those hit by the Earthquake in Haiti and certainly are not thinking of candy, flowers and jewelry, but rather the necessities in life: food, water, clothing, & shelter.  The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12th was the strongest in over 200 years and is the single worst natural disaster in Haiti’s history. As many as 50,000 people are feared dead. Nearly 3 million residents, a third of Haiti’s population, have been displaced or left homeless.  Place any order on Feb 4th and we will donate 10% of your order to The Red Cross to help those in need.  You can even add a donation to your order and we will include this amount, in your name when we make our donation to the Red Cross.  Our hearts go out to those affected by this terrible earthquake and we are dedicated to help you.

More than Charms

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RB11721Y_medGold or Silver, charms hold the energy of their owners.  They hold the memories of time spent with loved ones, a hobby enjoyed.  They keep the the reminder of the loving hands of daily embrace close to the surface.  Charms have been used for birth announcements, reminders that each day is a gift and even as protectors against evil.  They are our legacy, charm bracelets have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries…Thinking that a charm is just a charm?  Think again — the charm you add to your wife’s bracelet will capture the memory of that trip you took together, the grandchildren you share, the big fish you caught last summer and even an anniversary spent together.  Charms have a special way of reminding us of special moments spent with those we love, long after they are gone.




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