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kidz-posterIf you have a little girl, you already know she wants to emulate the fashion that Mommy wears – if you are into the latest craze of beaded charm bracelets – whether you wear a biagi, zable or simstars bracelet, she wants to have one too.  Now she can! Carlo Biagi has introduced a new line of beads and bracelets, especially for little girls.  Choose from a silver starter bracelet or a Colorful Rubber Bracelet and start adding bead charms! Starter bracelets are meant for the younger girls since they come in 5.5″, 6″ or 6.5″ lengths, whereas our colorful rubber bracelets are 8″ in length with a stopper, so she can adjust it as she grows. Hundreds of choices of enamel beads, glass beads, silver beads. Biagi KIDZ beads are fully interchangeable with the simstars Kids Bracelets & Beads.

Spring means Color!

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Kera_cat_imgIts been a busy few months for us over here at Classic Charms. We have been busy adding more charms and beads to the site for you.  Just in time for spring, we have added the entire Kera Life Treasured Bead Collection.  We just love this new collection of Murano Glass Beads, Crystal Beads, Dangle Beads and with so much color just reminds us Spring is just about here.  Our bead bracelets are so interchangeable, you change your beads, based on your mood, your wardrobe or even the weather!! The Kera Bead collection is fully compatible with our other beaded charm bracelets, such as Zable Bracelets or our popular Reflections by SimStars.

Charming Help

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While most of us are starting to think of shopping for Valentine’s Day for our sweetheart, we at Classic Charms want to help those hit by the Earthquake in Haiti and certainly are not thinking of candy, flowers and jewelry, but rather the necessities in life: food, water, clothing, & shelter.  The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12th was the strongest in over 200 years and is the single worst natural disaster in Haiti’s history. As many as 50,000 people are feared dead. Nearly 3 million residents, a third of Haiti’s population, have been displaced or left homeless.  Place any order on Feb 4th and we will donate 10% of your order to The Red Cross to help those in need.  You can even add a donation to your order and we will include this amount, in your name when we make our donation to the Red Cross.  Our hearts go out to those affected by this terrible earthquake and we are dedicated to help you.

More than Charms

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RB11721Y_medGold or Silver, charms hold the energy of their owners.  They hold the memories of time spent with loved ones, a hobby enjoyed.  They keep the the reminder of the loving hands of daily embrace close to the surface.  Charms have been used for birth announcements, reminders that each day is a gift and even as protectors against evil.  They are our legacy, charm bracelets have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries…Thinking that a charm is just a charm?  Think again — the charm you add to your wife’s bracelet will capture the memory of that trip you took together, the grandchildren you share, the big fish you caught last summer and even an anniversary spent together.  Charms have a special way of reminding us of special moments spent with those we love, long after they are gone.

Contest winner announced!

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Our lucky winner of the Flip UltraHD Video Camera has been chosen.  Congrats to C. Hoffman, of Irvine, CA who is our lucky recipient of the camera.  C Hoffman, actually placed TWO orders with us, and increased her chances of the win! Tune in — we are running this contest again — one more drawing – January 1, 2010.  So place your orders online between December 1 -25, 2009 and be entered to win another Flip UltraHD Camera!!

The 12 Days of Christmas

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I know some may say its too early to be singing Christmas Carols, but one of my favorites has to be The 12 days of Christmas.  Each day in this famous Christmas carol represents something from the Bible. Its so easy with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season its so easy to forget the reason we celebrate Christmas each year is actually celebrating the birth of Christ, not Santa and the reindeer and all the presents under the tree.  This is a great Christmas carol with lots of meaning with each verse, and to celebrate this season, we invite you to grab a cup of tea, enjoy our favorite carol and the meaning behind it with the jingle of our 12 Days of Christmas Charm bracelet! True Love refers to God, Turtle Doves refers to the New & Old Testaments, French Hens refers to Faith, Hope & Charity, Calling Birds refers to the Four Gospels, Golden Rings refers to the first Five books of the New Testament, Geese-a-laying refers to the six days of creation, Swans-a-swimming refers to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the seven sacraments, Maids-a-milking refers to the eight beatitudes, ladies dancing refers to the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit, Lords-a-leaping refers to the ten commandments, Pipers Piping refers to the eleven faithful apostles, and drummers drumming refers to the twelve points of doctrine in the apostle’s creed.

Happy Anniversary!

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Whether you have celebrated your first, tenth or fiftieth anniversary, you know the day is about celebrating the time spent together.  Its when your typical your guy will buy you some special token to celebrate your day, perhaps take you out to dinner and show his appreciation for the years you have spent together.  We at Classic Charms, would like to take this opportunity to celebrate you, our loyal customers with a chance to win a fabulous prize! We have been bringing you the latest and greatest charms out there for 9 years now, and look forward to continuing to bring you the level of service you have come to expect from us.  Whether this is your first purchase from us, or you have been with us throughout the last nine years, we want to say thank you!  So here’s the deal – all you have to do is make a purchase at our site from November 9-30th, 2009 and your name is automatically entered in a drawing to win a brand new Flip Ultra HD Digital Video Camera. Winner will be announced December 1st, 2009 and notified by email.  Just our way of celebrating our anniversary, saying thanks to you, our loyal charmers and putting a little something extra in your Christmas Stocking this year!

White Gold or Silver?

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So you have a beautiful 14K White Gold Charm Bracelet, that you have been collecting charms for places you travel, your grandchildren, your hobbies, and those memories near and dear to your heart.  You are ready to add another memory to your bracelet when you realize what used to cost $100-$150 for a nice white gold charm now costs double and sometimes triple that.  Whats a girl to do? Because of the rising cost of gold (now at $1090/ounce) our customers love our Rembrandt Sterling Silver Charms, because for 1/4 of the cost (sometimes even less) of a white gold item, it looks the same!  Our Rembrandt Charms rhodium plate all their silver charms and bracelets, so they will never tarnish!  They will look as beautiful and shiny, as the day you added it to your bracelet.  No one will know, except you and me (I promise I won’t tell a soul).  Rembrandt produces their entire collection (over 3,000 beautifully hand crafted pieces) in Sterling Silver, Gold-Plate, 10K Gold, or 14K Gold (white and yellow).  No matter what the occasion, we have a charm for that?  An avid starbucks gal? We got ya covered!  Love to root for our home team, UT, we have that too! You are a soccer mom? We have lots to choose from. Don’t let the high cost of gold, scare you away from adding to your beautiful charm bracelet – check out our inventory of thousands of charms in stock now!

Charm Bracelet Reinvented!

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Rembrandt CharmdropsSo you have spent years putting together your charm bracelet.  It represents all the major high points in your life, your hobbies, your children (or grandchildren), your marriage, your travels and you just love the jingle sound it makes on your wrist.  But now fashion, as it is, always comes out with something new, much like technology, the latest and greatest does not stay that way long.  If you are up on fashion, the latest in jewelry are the beaded bracelets.  Beaded bracelets are much the same idea as the traditional charm bracelet, but now instead of charms dangling, you have beads you can easily slip on and off your bracelet.  Even Murano Glass Beads that you can quickly change the color and style of your bracelet,  unlike the traditional charm bracelet – once you add them, they are there to stay.  We are happy to report you now can combine the best of both worlds! With these charmdrops, exclusive by Rembrandt Charms, you can add any of your charms to your beaded bracelet and still have that wonderful jingle and the reminder of that special memory.  We love this new item because it makes the charm bracelet even more versatile than just collecting memories.  Now you collect your memories and Rembrandt makes it so easy to add and change with your mood!  Available in all metals and even with crystal stones to add that flash of color!!

Make it your own!

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Its always exciting to find new products for us when we attend the annual jewelry show in Las Vegas.  This year was no different.  We came, we saw and we bought!  The latest addition to our site, is a line of beaded charms and bracelets made especially for you, our customers.  The newest addition called Reflections by SimStars is a fabulous line of beaded charms and bracelets created with solid sterling silver, CZ stones, Murano Glass, and even dangling charms to make it a true charm bracelet complete with jingle!  This new line is available for kids (boys and girls) as well as adults.  Necklaces, anklets, bracelets, earrings — you can mix and match to suit your own personal style! Each piece of jewelry is crafted with the highest quality with attention to detail.  The best part?  The adult size is compatible with all beaded charm bracelets, such as the pandora line, chamilia line, or any beaded charm bracelet.  These make great gifts for mom and daughter, build matching bracelets!  With over 900 styles of beads to choose from, you are sure to find just your style of beads!




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